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(Be You - Do You)

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Who We Are

The Be You Nation is on a Mission to Inspire, Empower, and Provide effective means for today's youth to flourish. 

The Be You Nation is driven by a single goal - to do our part in making the world a better place for all.  We believe that a single action can make a difference in the community, and a collective action can greatly impact humankind. We are finding different ways to to take action on this global movement for a positive future.

Our Vision

EMBRACE our people with positivity and encouragement

EDUCATE our people by offering creative opportunities for learning

EQUIP our people with self-confidence to pursue their natural talents

ENGAGE our people by providing access to critical resources

EMPOWER our people with motivation to succeed 

We are focused on identifying the needs of those of us who are experiencing difficulties in pursuing their dreams. Through fundraising events, general donations, and BE YOU merchandise sales, we are able to bridge the gap for those who may not have the means of exploring possible paths to greatness.

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The Be You Nation continues to look for different ways to provide help to those in need. Our staff works tirelessly to identify distinctive options for all to achieve their full potential. If you are in need or have and idea please reach out to us so we can do what we can to help make your dream become a reality.

The uniqueness of our mission is why we are successful in our pursuit to help. With our Student / Teacher backpack and supplies drive, we not only focus on supplying children with the proper tools to be successful in school. We have set a new standard by adding the encouragement of students be more active, as well as bridging the gap for teachers in need with the necessities needed to complete their job a high level. 


Growing positivity through the inspiration of originality. The Be You Nation is a very unique brand that promotes the differences we all have while finding uncommon ways to provide help for those in need. The growing a nation movement encourages involvement from everyone to influence the world to be all YOU can be. Every T Shirt Purchased a T Shirt will be donated to those in need.

We have largest audience of individuals engaged in an era of social change, the Be You Nation's team tackles campaigns that impact every cause. From helping in anti-bullying efforts to providing ways for foster kids to thrive after they time out. From feeding and clothing the homeless veterans to providing avenues of support for NICU families and literally everything else in between. Help out by donating to Be You Nation today.

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Developing relationships are the core of Non Profit Organizations and networking isn't just talking, It's helping. The Be You Nation is not only about focusing on our mission, its about focusing on the kids. Are you passionate about the pursuit to promote positivity? Individuality? Uniqueness? Do you want to help todays youth reach their goals (whatever they may be)? Are you looking to get involved?


Then the Be You Nation is the Place for YOU

We listen, We help, We provide and We turn dreams into reality. 

Our Partners

The work we do would not be possible without generous support from our partners. We like to thank not only the corporations but the individuals, clubs and organizations that have supported us in the beginning of our mission and will continue to partner with us in the future.