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The Be You Nation

       The Be You Nation's journey started with a positive and powerful discussion amongst a group of 11 and 12 year old girls. The girls witnessed some kids being mean to others for no reason. They were being picked on for being different, not having the right clothes on or even the newest of shoes, not being the most popular and eating lunch by themselves. The girls didn't find that to be funny or any way to treat another person for being themselves. The girls pondered ways to inspire people to be original, and to stay true to who they are. Thus, we created the BE YOU - DO YOU logo as a way for them to stay connected in self-confidence and to achieve the life goal of being happy while enjoying the irregularities of humankind.

       The logo was brought to life when the girls decided to make shirts for themselves as way to promote the BE YOU - DO YOU meaning and away to help kids that are less fortunate. The shirts attracted curiosity within the girl's peers and also their parents who as well became enlightened by the thoughts and positivity behind BE YOU - DO YOU. With that message on a T-Shirt, we all had one thing in common, the desire to create a space for people to BE unique and DO what comes naturally. We noticed hundreds of people from all different ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds were happy to spread the positive vibes.

       Our Message was clear, however our journey was not. What began as positive enlightenment and fun trip of making shirts for friends and family has now grown into a national movement to create real and lasting changes for young men, women and children in need. BE YOU - DO YOU quickly evolved into who we are today, and in 2018 THE BE YOU NATION was born. Proudly, we are now a 501c3 nonprofit organization, committed to creating unique opportunities for individuals to experience life from a place of acceptance. We believe that every person has the innate ability to achieve greatness, simply by being who they were created to BE; themselves; the one thing that no one else can do is BE YOU, so DO YOU. 

      We are focused on identifying the needs of those of us who are experiencing difficulties in pursuing their dreams. Through fundraising events, general donations, and BE YOU merchandise sales, we are able to bridge the gap for those who may not have the means of exploring possible paths to greatness.


 (Be You - Do You)